General Introduction for Doctoral Students GFOK015

For the up-to-date information and registration visit the intranet (requires login).

A general introduction is held each semester for all new doctoral students. The introduction provides both general information about research studies at Chalmers and information about rights and responsibilities. Participants are also informed about where they can turn to in matters of gender equality and working environment. The introduction is compulsory within Chalmers graduate program for all students admitted after 2005-01-01.
  • An invitation with agenda will be sent to registered participants 1 weeks before the event.
  • To ensure your attendance is registered make sure you sign the participant list available at the venue, since attendance is compulsory for all Chalmers PhD students.
  • Please note that if you attend the course prior to being formally admitted as a PhD in Ladok the GTS student administrator cannot register your attendance. It is then your responsibility to notify the GTS team as soon as you are admitted as a PhD, so that your attendance can be registered in arrears yet as soon as possible after your attendance. If unsure whether you are admitted in Ladok or not yet, please check with your own department’s student administrator in first instance.
  • Read more about doctoral studies at Chalmers University of Technology here


Published: Wed 03 Jun 2020.