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This table aims to support the discussion concerning the individual study plan with regards to the generic and transferable skills competencies (GTS competencies). Suggestions is given, when it could be of value to take different GTS courses during your doctoral studies.
However the courses builds upon experiential learning pedagogic, skills are further developed by practicing the learning outcomes from the courses in your everyday research work. By applying and practicing your skills in different context you will be able to build a competence portfolio of interest not only to you but also for a future fundraiser or presumptive employer.

GTS activities mandatory to all doctoral students at Chalmers 

Courses Teaching, Learning and Evaluation (GFOK020), Career Planning – Your Personal Leadership (GFOK010) and  Sustainable development: values, technology in society, and the researcher (GFOK105) are mandatory and shall be taken before the Licentiate. The doctoral student shall also give an oral popular science presentation (GFOK070) and write a popular science summary to be published at the backside of their thesis before publicly defending their doctoral thesis.

GTS activities open to doctoral students and young researchers at Chalmers

Links to useful information that is NOT part of the formal GTS program

Research Ethics in Science and Technology FCIU090 3 HEC
Swedish for PhD students at Chalmers

Workshops Popular Science Presentations (arranged by GTS)

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