Career Planning - Your Personal Leadership

Course Code: GFOK010
Number of Credits: 1,5 HEC
Number of Participants: 28
Enrollment Spring 2018
2018-1: 16/1, 30/1, 9/2 - Lindholmen Fully booked 
2018-2:  6/2, 20/2, 2/3 - Johanneberg Fully booked  
2018-3:  21/3, 11/4, 24/4 – Lindholmen Fully booked   STAND-BY
2018-4: 23/3, 13/4, 27/4 – Lindholmen Fully booked    STAND-BY
2018-5: 23/5, 5/6, 12/6 – Johanneberg Fully booked    

Dates for the next iteration in Autumn will be published starting w.10, 2018.

Time Schedule


The aim is to increase the graduate students' awareness of their unique competencies, personal qualities, skills and motivational factors and how these can be utilized as resources in their career planning. Also, the course aims to raise participant's awareness of external influences on career choices.
The course will give the participants insights in how individual qualities can be the building blocks of a fruitful career plan.

Intended Learning Outcome
On completion of the course, successful students should be able to:
  • formulate a clear picture of his/her personal resources, values and motivators (know self)
  • identify a career direction and, based on your own resources, values and motivators, formulate at least one concrete career goal (lead self)
  • compile a strategic action-plan supporting the desired career direction and goals (set action)
Entrance Requirements
No prior knowledge in the area is required
Target group: Early stage PhD student


The course starts with an introduction to the term "career planning" and the importance of planning careers from a holistic perspective. The influences of personal characteristics and societal pressures on career decisions are discussed. You will participate in a number of activities to help you identify your resources, address issues of externaI and internaI values and identify motivational and other factors influencing careers. Throughout the course you will work on documenting your own unique situation and your desired future. At the end of the course you will compile an individually written, clearly structured action plan targeting your goals.

Running Schedule

The course comprises of lectures, activities, discussions and homework. You will work both individually and in small groups with a focus on producing your individual career action plan.

Course Leader and Examiner
Per Rudquist (course leader)Marie Strid, Karin Andersson (examiner)


Documentation and reference literature will be distributed during the course.

Full attendance at all occasions and an oral presentation. Grades: U, G.
Examination in the enrolled courses can be acquired within one year from the start. After the expiration date no missing assignments can be admitted and a participant should re-apply to another course occasion.


Stand-By seat means that the course is fully booked but you may be offered a seat if one becomes available.

Cancellation of participation in GTS courses should be notified as soon as possible and latest one week before start of course by sending an email to  In case of cancellation less than one week before the start your Deputy Head of Department will be informed to support your future planning.

Published: Wed 14 Sep 2016. Modified: Thu 22 Feb 2018