Popular Science Presentations GFOK070

A Popular Science Presentation (GFOK070) is a mandatory element in the doctoral education at Chalmers.

Scientists have a responsibility to share their research with society [1]. The general public, politicians, and the media are also interested in new findings, as well as colleagues and co-workers. Research impacts the future development, and in a democratic society it is important that everyone has an opportunity to be involved. To make on-going research visible and accessible to many societal groups is important for Chalmers.

In the doctoral education at Chalmers it is mandatory to do one popular science presentation as part of the Generic and Transferable Skills training. This means that all doctoral students must present their research work to an interested public that lacks deeper knowledge about the students’ work. This could include a presentation to a secondary school team of teachers, colleagues from other disciplines or a public audience.

To support the development of popular science presentation skills, Chalmers offers doctoral students and young researcher courses in presentation skills and workshops where you can work on compiling and structuring your presentation material.

The overall aim is to increase young researchers’ capability to present and disseminate their scientific results and ideas to the public environment and targeted societal communities. This will make new research visible in a accessible way to a broad audience. To develop the capability of young researchers to provide Popular Science Presentations will also boost the career of the scientist.

You are very welcome to join and contribute to a Popular Science Presentation at Chalmers – for more information about upcoming events please send an e-mail to genericskills@chalmers.se 

[1] See the Higher Education Act chapter 1. § 2, third paragraph: "The universities shall also cooperate with the surrounding community and provide information about their activities

Published: Thu 09 Jun 2016. Modified: Tue 21 Feb 2017