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Aim of the workshop

To develop skills in performing a popular science presentation to different audiences such as the general public.

Intended learning outcome

After having completed the workshop, the successful student should be able to:

  • analyse the communicative context, the audience and the requirements for the specific presentation
  • deliver a popular science presentation
This means that the successful student is able to:
  • present research context, purpose and findings to a general audience
  • structure the presentation content in a clear way with a reasonable balance between presentation elements
  • describe in which area/activity results are important, and why
  • use language that is adequately simple, precise and tailored to the audience
  • design and use supporting visual aids as integrated presentation elements
  • adjust and adapt content to make it suited for the audience
  • maintain good contact with the audience throughout the presentation

Content of the workshop

Day 1: Building a presentation
The purpose of this workshop is to provide an opportunity to conceive and design a popular science presentation. The workshop therefore focuses on the preparations necessary for a successful presentation. This includes audience analysis, the inventory and structuring of content into a suitable presentation format, and adaptation and design of presentation materials (including speech and visuals).
Morning session (lecture and practical traning)

  • Planning, disposition and main message.
  • Verbal visualisation methods (metaphors, parallels, storytelling)
  • Other visualisation methods ( demonstrations, illustrations, graphs, tables etc.)Interaction techniques

Afternoon session (students choose one or more of the below)

  • Disposition/script, Visualizing techniques, Performance/interaction

Day 2: Testing the presentation
The purpose of this workshop is to provide an opportunity to deliver a popular science presentation and to receive constructive response on presentation techniques, content, language use, and overall adaptation to the presentation situation.

Entrance requirement

The GTS course in GFOK045 Advanced Communication or corresponding. The participant is  obliged to bring a draft version of their presentation to the workshop.




Erik Mattsson (2015)"Speaker’s Cookbook”.

Course Leader(s)

Erik Mattsson (Ordrum), Carl Johan Carlsson (Fackspråk)

Published: Fri 17 Jun 2016. Modified: Tue 22 May 2018