Schedule GTS courses

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Schedules for the courses within GTS programme can now be found in the Chalmers tool for scheduling TimeEdit under Postgraduate courses.

Here you can find the schedule for the entire programme Schedule for GTS programme and the courses of you interest Find your schedule.

Besides that, schedules for each GTS course can be found on the course webpage. In this way you will be able  to  find information about time and place for every session of a course easier and quicker.

Schedule for one or several courses of your choice
You can search for the specific course(s) that you find interesting.
Go to Find your schedule
In the Search field, choose option Course and type the name of the course (f.ex Academic) , click on Search and then click on the name of the course of your choice in order to move it over to your list on the right side . You can repeat this action for several courses. Then click on Show schedule and a schedule for all courses on your list will be displayed.
If you are looking for a schedule for a specific group, then you can choose option Class and type GFOK035-1, GFOK010-5 etc (code name of the group in Academic Writing, Career Planning etc.) Results of this search will display schedule for a specific group(s). 

How to subscribe to the calendar?
You can subscribe and keep your GTS schedule available and up-to-date in your calendar.
1.    Search for the specific course of your interest or choose the schedule for entire GTS programme
2.    Click on the Subscribe button (upper right corner)  
3.    Choose the interval and copy the link provided
4.    Go to Calendar in the Mail program  (f.ex MS Outlook) and choose Open Calendar->From Internet and paste the link in the empty field.
5.    Now you can see the schedule of a course or programme up-to-date. In case of changes we will also explicitly notify by mail.

Calendar views
There are 2 options to view your calendar online - Graphical and Text. Option to switch between views located in the lower right corner. In this way you can personalize the calendar view in your browser.

When can I see the schedule for the next semester in TimeEdit?
Schedule for the next semester is available around the same time when the registration to the next term opens.
Spring term schedule is available as from October 1 and schedule for the autumn term is available as from March 1. The actual release dates can usually be found on the news page.

Published: Wed 03 Jun 2020.