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Welcome to  Generic and Transferable Skills (GTS), a programme of activities and courses  in the field of personal and professional development for doctoral students and young researchers at Chalmers.

Our goal is to offer a wide range of courses and activities in order to support young researchers in their studies and prepare them for the future career within the academic and non-academic world.

We believe that the combination of studies of research in the field of science with competence development in the areas of communication, networking, pedagogy, leadership and utilisation will increase students´employability as researchers in a knowledge oriented world.

Generic and Transferable Skill training is one of the European commission’s principles in Innovative doctoral training.

Doctoral students at Chalmers are required to take 15 HEC from the area of GTS as part of their research education. Of these 15 credits, 9 are mandatory to finalise before the licentiate degree.

Mandatory Activities and Courses

Optional Courses

If you have questions, comments or need to change your course registrations, send us an email genericskills@chalmers.se

Published: Tue 07 Jun 2016. Modified: Tue 26 Feb 2019