General introduction for doctoral students

A general introduction is held each semester for all new doctoral students. The introduction provides both general information about research studies at Chalmers and information about rights and responsibilities. The doctoral students are also informed about where they can turn to in matters of gender equality and working environment. The introduction is compulsory within Chalmers graduate for all students admitted after 2005-01-01.

Next General Introduction for Doctoral Students: 

WHEN: Monday, May 14, 2018 (09:00-12:00)

WHERE: Palmstedtsalen, Chalmers student union (Chalmers Kårhus)


An invitation with agenda will be sent to you 2 weeks before the event.

Since the introduction is a compulsory part of the doctoral education, attendance lists will be available at the venue. Please sign the lists so that your participation can be registered. 

Read more about doctoral studies at Chalmers University of Technology here


Previous presentations
1 Karin Andersson, Opening address
2 Frances Sprei, Chalmers Vision - A sustainable future
3 Sobhan Sepehri, Chalmers Doctoral Student Guild
4 Cecilia Järbur, GTS
5 Mikael Östblom, GMV
6 Jessica Lindholm Chalmers Library

Published: Mon 13 Jun 2016. Modified: Thu 09 Nov 2017