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Cecilia Järbur

Director of GTS studies
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Mob +46 722 82 77 96


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Programme Coordinator
Tel: +46 31 772 42 14
Mob. +46 707 61 51 85


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Programme Coordinator
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Mob +46 705 21 21 68

GTS courses are mainly carried out at two locations – Lindholmen Science Park and Johanneberg Science Park. Some of the courses take also place in the Chalmers Library in campus Johanneberg.

Campus Johanneberg

Campus Johanneberg

Johanneberg Science Park, Black Building 3rd floor, Sven Hultinsplats 1-2

In the Black building of the Johanneberg Science Park you will find modern and spacious premises suited for lectures, seminars, group work and individual studying located on  the 3rd floor. The lecture room is called "The Glade" (in Swedish Gläntan) and can be found on the right side down the hall.

Use your access card to enter the door marked "CHALMERS/Generic and Transferable Skills" at the back of the Black building.

Campus Lindholmen

Campus Lindholmen

Lindholmen Science Park, Kuggen 4th floor, Lindholmsplatsen 1

Lindholmen is Gothenburg´s most knowledge-intensive and growing area, where also Chalmers Campus Lindholmen has found its natural place. With a few steps away from the riverside, you find Kuggen - a modern and distinctive building where academia meets industry for creating many successful collaborations.  GTS premises in Kuggen are formed to accommodate lectures, seminars and group meetings in light open-air environment. Closeness to buss and ferry stop makes Campus Lindholmen easy to reach for students from Johanneberg.


Travel between Campus Johanneberg and Campus Lindholmen with the bus-route 55, offering quiet, exhaust-free buses that are powered by electricity from renewable sources.

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To navigate around Chalmers Campuses use Chalmers Campus Map

Published: Mon 13 Jun 2016. Modified: Tue 24 Apr 2018