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If you have any questions or comments regarding GTS courses, you are welcome to contact us!

For general inquiries contact us at


Anna Stupak

Programme Coordinator
Tel: +46 31 772 42 14


Malena Gorgne

Programme Coordinator
Tel +46 31 772 42 05

GTS courses are mainly carried out at two locations – Lindholmen Science Park and Main Library on Campus Johanneberg. 

Campus Johanneberg

Campus Johanneberg

Chalmers Main Library, Seminarierum 1, 1st floor, Hörsalsvägen 2 Johanneberg.

Campus Lindholmen

Campus Lindholmen

Lindholmen Science Park, Kuggen 4, Lindholmsplatsen 1, Lindholmen.


Travel between Campus Johanneberg and Campus Lindholmen with the bus-route 55, offering quiet, exhaust-free buses that are powered by electricity from renewable sources.
Bus route 16 also travels between the two campus.

For more information and other options, please visit

To navigate around Chalmers Campuses use Chalmers Campus Map

Published: Mon 13 Jun 2016. Modified: Thu 11 Jul 2019