Quality Work and Evaluations

In accordance with the
working procedures for GTS, the evaluation questionnaires from all courses reviewed and compiled continuously. Short summaries are published below. With few exceptions, the courses during study year 2016/17 received very good evaluations.

Working routines for quality work can be briefly described as:
  • that all courses are evaluated continuously during the year
  • that the courses are evaluated through a written, web-based, anonymous questionnaire
  • that the questionnaire contains questions that are common to all courses with the possible addition of a couple extra questions if the examiner or the course leader of the course request that
  • the evaluation questionnaire to be sent to all students registered in a course
  • a summary of the evaluations made at least once per year
  • the training manager, teachers and students meet when necessary (compulsory if the result of the evaluation is under 3.0) to analyze the outcome of the survey and collect additional information
  • that courses are developed continuously based on the collected information

Links to course evaluation results for 2017/18:

Academic writing GFOK035

Advanced communication   GFOK045

Applied project management GFOK065

Career planning - your personal leadership GFOK010

Creating effective teams GFOK050

From research to policy GFOK110

Introduction to writing for publication GFOK080

People in flow - personal efficiency GFOK100

Reflecting on leadership  GFOK090

Scholarly information retrieval    GFOK115

Research utilization   GFOK120

Sustainable development GFOK105

Teaching, learning and evaluation GFOK020

Writing up for publication GFOK085

Published: Mon 19 Sep 2016. Modified: Tue 12 Mar 2019