Quality Work and Evaluations

We strive to develop a stimulating learning environment, where teachers and PhD students at Chalmers meet to broaden and deepen their knowledge and skills. To promote good quality assurance and quality enhancement of the programme, administration and physical learning environment, we have established specific quidelines and procedures that provide us with sufficient foundation to carry out our quality work promptly and consistantly.

Course evaluations are a key instrument that are used for quality assurance and further enhancement of the GTS programme. We encourage each and every participant after the finished course to take the opportunity to reflect on their training and make suggestions that can potentially improve the learning outcome for the individual and the whole group. Compiling and analyzing all submitted feedback provide us with a basis for quality enhancement.
Guidelines on quality assurance and quality enhancement can be briefly described as following:
  • all courses within GTS programme are evaluated continuously during the year;
  • courses are evaluated through a written, web-based, anonymous questionnaire sent by GTS coordinator on the last day of the course;
  • the questionnaire contains questions that are common to all courses with the possible addition of a couple extra questions if the examiner or the course leader of the course requests that. To submit the questionnaire should take just a few minutes;
  • the evaluation questionnaire to be sent to all students registered in a course;
  • the report with participants´ feedback is object to analyzis primarily carried out by the GTS-team; the report is also shared with the teaching staff;
  • based on the feedback and trend analyzis, the GTS-team makes recommendations to changes in the course delivery and follows up the implementation;
  • the GTS-representative, teachers and students meet when necessary (compulsory if the result of the evaluation is under 3.0) to analyze the outcome of the survey and collect additional information. An action plan for further improvement should be formilized and brought to implementation. 
Quality and impact of the GTS programme are also subjects to systematic wider review of the research education at Chalmers. The first review is planned to be carry out during Autumn 2019- Spring 2020.

Published: Wed 07 Aug 2019.