About the Doctoral Portal

​The Doctoral Portal is aimed at doctoral students at Chalmers University of Technology. Here you can get information about research education at Chalmers and the services that facilitates your studies, for example a handbook, information about graduate courses and graduate schools and Generic and transferable skills training (GTS). There's also plenty of information for you that are not a doctoral student, but still engaged in doctoral studies in one form or another.


The Doctoral Portal at Chalmers is managed by
  • Education development office
  • GTS
  • Unit for admission and degrees,
  • Ladok group.

You can reach us at doktorandportalen@chalmers.se. For questions specifically about the GTS pages please use genericskills@chalmers.se
Problems, technical issues or malfunctions
Technical questions and problems regarding the Doctoral Portal are sent to support@chalmers.se. The more detailed information you send, the better. IT services are also available at Facebook and Twitter.
Security issues
Contact abuse@chalmers.se to report intrusions, inappropriate web pages, unauthorised network use, etc.


The Doctoral Portal is currently available primarily in English. Swedish versions are available of the handbook and graduate schools. Switch between the languages by selecting the flag link at the top right-hand corner. 


The contents of the Doctoral Portal are divided into the tabs Handbook, Graduate courses, Graduate Schools, GTS and Services. You can use the navigation menu bar at the top of the startpage to access the tabs. 
On these pages we have gathered together information for those of you who are pursuing graduate study at Chalmers University of Technology. The handbook is available in English and Swedish.
Graduate courses
Here you will find Chalmers department’s graduate courses, as well as the collaborative graduate courses available at other universities.
Graduate schools
Here you will find all graduate schools that are organised within a department or are common to a number of departments and are designated Chalmers Graduate Schools. All doctoral students belong to a Chalmers graduate school.
Here you will find the GTS website and all information related to Generic and Transferable Skills training.
Here you will find the Ladoks services available for you as a doctoral student to use.


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Published: Mon 21 May 2018.